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OUR ARENA - We have designed a specialized database for Instrumentation Professionals (our Trout Pond) with their employers as our focus. We have two convenient ways to catch your “Trouts” you are looking for. You can either fish for them with our Resume Search Tool or throw a bait for them by posting a job with us. Our Trout fishing is hassle-free and enjoyable.

These services won’t cost you anything till Dec 31, 2005. You can continue to use them just by paying a small fee, as and when needed.
Please note that we only allow vacancies of Instrumentation Professionals.
 Job Posting
   Companies can post their vacancies on Instrument India to seek qualified Instrumentation professionals to work in their organisation.

When candidates respond to these job postings, their resume are emailed directly to the company’s HR mailbox.
 Searchable Resume Database
   We also have a 24x7, keyword searchable resume database of eligible professionals only from the field of Instrumentation. This improves the odds of your finding the right candidate for a specific position.
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